Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A Meeting With The Gaurdian

Occupy London Mayor – The Birthday Party –
Monday 19 March 2012
Well, here I am, feeling like I’ve moved through a hundred fear barriers and actually I have. I’m camped outside the Guardian offices in London in a cycle powered rickshaw come London Mayor Mobile, and I’m trying to get some coverage for my plight of running for Mayor of London as a Traveller.
We were told earlier that the News Desk would send down a photographer but that didn’t happen, even though we waited most of the afternoon. So I pulled out the Megaphone and asked all the workers coming out of the building if we were part of the whole picture, which the Paper claims to cover. Then we met Xan Brooks (Guardian film critic) who sympathized with the whole story about the realistic prospects of food shortages if we hit hyperinflation because of our country’s foreign policy with all these wars. That if countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Venezuela and the list goes on, keep distancing themselves from trade using US dollars and Sterling pounds because they believe our conduct on the banking and warring frontier is unethical, then who is to blame? Are they wrong to dislike our massive use of depleted uranium as redemption, whilst simultaneously claiming these countries would be irresponsible if they obtained nuclear weapons! Is it not utterly ridiculous? He agreed with many of the things I said and considered others. And at the end of it, a Gaurdian worker agreed to nominate me to run for Mayor of London. That doesn’t mean he’d vote for me but it does mean that he believes I should at least be allowed to have a voice in this process. And that’s all I want: To offer London another choice. And not all this Green-Washing  nonsense.
We have to stop these wars. We just have to. And that means a massive drop in our currency value. We need to go back to a different type of growth. We all know that. We need to start feeding ourselves and not our cars. We have to dig up a big proportion of the roads and grow food. And then have non toxic vehicles that won’t pollute the real growth. It’s not rocket science, it’s merely common sense. And it doesn’t have to be high tec. We’re talking pedal power. It’s ok. It’s healthy and it’s beautiful. And it would create massive employment.
Anyway, it all seemed like we were getting nowhere and then the Guardian editor, Alan Rusbrider, came out and I got to him and said my piece in the brightest yellow suit you’ve ever seen and laid out the obvious schematics of the obvious food shortages that face us. After my more calm explanation, he said come back tomorrow at 9.00 o’clock. It might be a cop-out but he is a truly talented and very intelligent man. A genuinely admirable man. So maybe something will open for us there.  So I’m camped outside the offices now. We shall not give up!!!! London has the right to choose whether it starves to death or not. It’s time for Londoners to occupy their rights!!
So on that note, I will right a new blog in the morning to see if they will cover my cause, as they claim to cover the whole picture. Certainly their new ads claim they are massively aware. Let’s see….
Night-night!! Feel free to bring me coffee in the morning – medium roast with milk and two sugars please!!!

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